Relevant projects developed by INNOMAKER team


Social projects:


Social integration throughout cooperation among entrepreneurs: RUTA CECE Project (


Support in schools for young school leavers - ENRICH Programme - Dublin (Dublin)


Design and implementation plan of social integration actions for refugees integration in Andalucía region


Coordination and Technical Development of CRISOL Project (


Technical Development of Research and Development Projects: EPITELIO Project. It was a Project based on the design and demonstration of a telematic platform for collaborative work on Organizations focused on social and economic integration of citizens and civic networks (Telematic Application Programme DG XIII UE)


European Networks:


RUTA CECE Network, devoted to match entrepreneurs across Europe


TESLA NETWORK, devoted to share best practices in social integration and civic participation across local commnities across Europe


Socio-economic projects:


Competitive Intelligence Service for SMEs (,


On line catalogue of training resources for SMEs on International Trade (


B2B system to reinforce technological transfer and joint ventures among SMEs and Technological Centers (, in cooperation with the Spanish Federation of Research and Technology Bodies and Awareness Programme for SMEs on approaches for Tracking Competitors and International Markets


On line advice to SMEs in Information technologies Project for Spanish Chambers of Commerce. Design, development and integration of suitable technical solutions for community of entrepreneurs in Madrid region;


Information System for CCOO (Spanish Trade Union). Study, definition and integration of Information

System and services for internal and external customers and collaborators; Marketplace to supply

technological transfer and cooperation among members of Spanish National System of Science,

Technology and Enterprise System, in cooperation with FECYT


Rural development projects


Management, co-ordination and development of Projects:Technical support to CENYT project

(, a Business Center in a rural area of Madrid Region

Tourism use and promotion of national green ways (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Science), Socio-economic Development Planning in Talavera, San Vicente y La Jara (Toledo) for the Regional Local Development Center (CEDERCAM). Castilla La Mancha region and collaboration as tutor and advisor in Rural Tourism training in the framework of Mentor Programme, a national training programme run by the Spanish Ministry of Education


Collaboration on Training and Technical Development of Research and Development Projects: Technical assistance, on line training and design for the creation of videotext applications for local development. These applications are focused on delivery of services launched by Rural Development Centres (Manchuela), by SMEs (COARVAL), by Trade Unions and other institutions (National Association on Rural Tourism - RURALTUR -) and by entities linked with agrarian and alimentary sector (COAGRA);


Participation on experts' panels to evaluate TURA Programme (Telematics Applied to Urban and Rural Areas), IV R&D Framework Programme - Telematic Applications of Common Interest. DG XIII, European Commission


Projects FORA, SARBA and RUDA Projects. R&D European Projects oriented to identify the current situation and opportunities of telecommunications in relation with rural development in Europe


EPRI - NET (European Parliament Research Initiative Network) Project. Project. It is a R&D Project focused on the experimentation of a communication system among enterprises and researchers whom require high level multimedia tools for retrieving and interchange information with R&D projects within IV Framework Programme


Training Programmes for improving the use and implementation of telematic products and services on SMEs in rural areas (DGTEL - MOPTMA, Spanish Minister on Telecommunications)


Technical Assistance and on line training to 22 LEADER Programmes in Spain: write up and primary management of local development projects. Implementation of Telematic systems for on line learning.


Socio-economic Development Planning in the Nature Park of Sierras Subbéticas (Córdoba)


Territorial planning of the river area of Aguilar de Campoo (Confederación Hidrográfica del Río Duero - MOPT , Palencia)


eHealth projects:


SpidERA for LIFE. SpidERA is a Specific Support Action oriented to accelerate Research

and Development cooperation among European organizations involved in Life Science and Health



SEMEASY Project, a CRM and web semantic internet infrastructure, delivering on-line services to manage eHealth resources on hospitals domain. SEMEASY is based in a dynamic business model for health care centres and their communities: patients, doctors, administrative task forces and decision makers; pEHR Project, an eHealth internet-based system for specific record on personal health issues. pEHR is a transeuropean service for Health Public System and private insurance companies; Collaboration as tutor and advisor in Delnet Project, a local development support programme run by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization, one of the United Nation specialized agencies.


Technology Enhance Learning


KALEIDOSCOPE Network of Excellence, which brings together European teams in

technology-enhanced learning. Its goal is to foster the R&D in new concepts and methods for

future of learning with digital technologies


Business Development, co-ordination and collaboration on Technical Development of European and

National Projects: TELENET Project. It is a research and demonstrative action to develop a model for

elearning marketplace and digital certificate for user access (IST-1999-10459- UE);


Training of Agents on Local Development: design, management and tutoring of public learning initiatives for local initiatives in Castilla y Leon Region (ADAPT Programme and Autonomous University of Madrid);




DIPLOMAT Project. It is a Project based on the stimulation of Telework actions throughout the promotion and dissemination of a MoU and regional debates about on Telework on a wide range of Public and Training organizations across Europe. (DG XIII ACTS Programme);


EXPUN Project. It is an R&D Project focused to the analysis and development of and European Service for Teleworking and its commercialization as distance assistance for private companies managers throughout intelligent networks (DG XIII Telework Stimulation Actions Programme);


RITE Project. It is a R&D Project focused on the design and demonstration of a telematic platform for Regional Development Co-operation and federation of Development Agencies (DG XIII-C UE, Telework Stimulation Actions Programme); Technical Assistance for the creation of a platform of products and services for the International Trade Fair “Green Week Galicia”)


Community Networks


NETIZENS Project. It was a research and demonstrative action to explore employment opportunities and training teleservices among Third System organisations in the Information Society at the European Citizen Networks (TSEP - DG V - UE); Technical Assistance and training on line for the creation of telematic platforms for Civic Networks in Almazán (ADEMA - Soria) and City of Cuenca (Ayuntamiento de Cuenca);




LIFE RICOTI project, devoted to study and protect Dupont Lark in Spain (Soria)


Environment impacts evaluation linked with miner and outdoor exploitation projects (Steetley Ibérica, Aritesa; Hnos Pascual)




Tourism promotion project and use of new technologies in the mountain area of Cuenca (Province Council of Cuenca, Castilla y la Mancha Region)


Rural Development and management of tourism activities (IPADE, Council of León Province, Castilla y León Region INEM)